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If you didnt look at the basics and dont know the notes.I have a Key to show you the notes.

The Basics


Drum Tab

Here is it has alot of tab.

         Sheet Music
tracks artist/band song
1/13 Tommy Stewart/Godsmack [GREED]
2/14 John Dolmayan/System of a Down [PRISON SONG]
3/15 Charlie Benante/Anthrax [SUPERHERO]
4/16 Jon Wysocki/Staind [FOR YOU]
5/17 Wuv/P.O.D. [SET IT OFF]
6/18 Vinnie Paul/Pantera [HELLBOUND]
7/19 Mike Luce/Drowning Pool [SERMON]
8/20 Jason Bowld/Pitchshifter [WE KNOW]
9/21 Eduardo Paniagua/Puya [RIDE]
10/22 Ken Schalk/Candiria [SIGNS OF DISCONTENT]
11/23 Jason Mackenroth/Rollins Band [STOP LOOK AND LISTEN]
12/24 Vince Votta/Tyris [CRUTCH]

All charts are offered in high quality PDF format.                 
To view and print, you must install the Acrobat Reader program available as a free download
For the sheet music thats up /\  SHEET MUSIC

Those are some good beats

  Fat Boy Slim - Funk Soul Brother

Click to stop/start the music :
(The file may take around 10 seconds to load) (Requires Flash plug-in)

Play this beat with a full force.

Its two main features are

  • The Bass Drum pattern. This is worth practising with a simple snare and high-hat pattern first.
  • The snare drum fill at the end of the bar, played right and then left, with the right hand coming back over on to the high-hat for the new bar (don't forget to use your a bit of foot on the high-hat here as well.)
This is a very heavy beat, assisted on the sample by some drum-machine 'hand-claps' - don't let that put you off though, it still sounds great without them!

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